Cracow and Wroclaw

Just a quick update of what I have been doing the past few days (or weeks.. the time keeps flowing like a river). When I came to Poland, I landed in Cracow. Since the flight was in the evening, I decided to stay for a night in this beautiful city and I was hosted by my friends. All of them were studying hard for the exams, so the next day I woke up quite early and decided to do something productive. I didn't have much time, but there was one place I  have been wanting to visit for a long time- The Museum of Contemporary Art. 

It is situated in the neighbourhood of some industrial plants and although the views outside are not magnificent, it's not far from the city centre and it's definitely worth visiting. 
I know that there are many people considering contemporary art as boring and bizarre. It also happens to me to be staring at a piece of art thinking what on earth is that supposed to mean. But although we may not always understand the message of an author, we should appreciate the fact that there are many creative people trying to express their feelings in different ways, so I really took my time and discovered many interesting works.

What I like about the MOCAK museum is that it has the exhibitions of many young, talented artists and it is divided into different parts, so you're able to watch there some short movies, see the paintings or the sculptures. Museum also include a bookshop and a very nice café, where you can seat down and treat yourself with a hot drink after visiting the collections.
After my short trip I went back to the flat and made my friends a quick dinner. Then it was time to leave and my next stop was Wroclaw.

I spent there couple of days hanging out with my boyfriend, eating a lot and enjoying great moments in that charming city. I also had to arrange some of my university things, so it was both busy and relaxing time. 

We discovered new places to eat and drink but I'll be making a seperate post about it (maybe). After the time spent in Wroclaw, I headed home, from where I am writting right at the moment. 

Now I can officialy say that my 3rd semester is over, because I passed all of my exams in Spain and one additional in Poland. To celebrate it and also take advantage of the last free days, I am going with my friend to London! We will also be making a short trip to Brussels, so I'm really excited. Have a lovely end of the week, everyone! And stay tuned for the next blog update :)

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  1. Zazdroszczę podróży :)! Mogłabyś zrobić post o tym, jak krok po kroku zaplanować i zorganizować taką wycieczkę do dużego europejskiego miasta :)?

    1. trochę mnie tu nie było ale już się zabieram za uzupełnianie bloga :) taki post może się pojawi, chociaż jeszcze nie teraz, póki co tylko relacja, ale mam nadzieję, że się spodoba!

  2. I gratuluję zdanych egzaminów :)!!